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Misanthropic Humanist studio diary

Friday 2.5.2008

We just loaded our gear to Mikkos fathers pick-up truck (Everwood) and headed to Studio Kuu at Herttoniemi. We set up everything and went to eat at Bamboo Center. Hung out by the sea and passed around ideas about our next full-length. Then we parted ways cause there was couple shows that night. Antti-Ville and Mikko went to Tavastia to see Boris and rest of us to Nosturi where Fullhouse Records was celebrating their 10th anniversary and Down My Throat was playing their farewell show. DMT was amazing, it really was good to see them one last time and there was no encore which I really appreciate.

Saturday 3.5.2008

The day started around 11am with Hannu adjusting the sounds while we were warmimg up. First song we recorded was “the leaves of one tree, the drops of one ocean” and it was the most difficult one for me. I gues it took us maybe 7 takes to be satified with the outcome. We took a little break from the sauna-like conditons of the studio and went to get something to eat.

After the meal everything rolled smoothly. After around eight takes we had the remaining three songs recorded. Recording live really brought the rehearsal like atmosphere to the studio. I guess the only downsize I can come up to is that I had to play throught this little Hartke Kickback serving as my monitor cause loud bass would have fucked up the recording. Of course we re-amped the signal later on. Another funny thing: Mikko was caught moshing more than once during the recording.

Vocals were done afterwards but there’s no over-dubbing done with the rest of the instruments so it definitely sounds the way we sound on stage. It was planned that Toni could do the vocals on both days but his voice worked well so he ended up doing all the tracks on saturday. After we finished Antti-Ville and Lauri still had plenty of time to go see the hockey game of the evening.

Sunday 4.5.2008

All the gear was still set so we started the sunday by recording three new tracks. First take demos just to get us warmed up to record the cover song we had planned to do. It’s a song by a band called Defend but more about that later when we finally decide what to do with the song. It will probably end up here with a full story behind it. The vibe during the whole session was pretty relaxed and there was a lot less waiting since we recorded all the instruments at the same time. I don’t know how we will work in the future, but this kind of working method felt nice. And yes – there are some mistakes here and there but if it’s the price for a good time in the studio, I’d say it’s a decent price to pay.

Here’s the song called “remember where you come from”.



It’s Me – The Destroyer


It was March when we thought we had all the songs for this release. Then we just continued writing and started to drop out the faster songs that sounded kinda too similar to our older stuff. While writing we also started to postpone the studio dates. At first this 7″ was planned to be done way earlier, but then came the drummer change and the music started to evolve also, so it would have been stupid to rush things.

When “it’s me – the destroyer” was ready it was obvious opening track for the 7″. Here is the first live performance of the song. It is what it is.

The 7″ is mixed and we are waiting to hear the mastered version of it. We also got to see the test version of the dvd. The graphics that I did needed to be fixed and some other small changes will be done before it’s ready. Here’s the tracklisting:

-Gift record release show – whole set

The first four years
-These months – 26.02.2005 Helsinki Oranssi
-Giant in my room – 21.04.2005 Helsinki Stella Star
-Forward to forget – 03.06.2005 Turku Klubi
-Razor – 13.11.2005 Helsinki Vuoritalo
-Intro + Depth of yesterday – 01.05.2006 Innsbruck Austria
-We’ll be fighting – 10.06.2006 Helsinki Oranssi
-Six Pack – 28.10.2006 Tampere Vastavirta
-On the wrong side – 28.10.2006 Tampere Vastavirta
-Spark – 28.10.2006 Tampere Vastavirta
-Father’s Day – 03.09.2007 Praha Czech Republic
-Freezing to Death – 09.09.2007 Essen Germany
-Made up words – 12.11.2007 Toulouse France
-I will take it as it comes – 12.11.2007 Toulouse France
-Rainbows don’t mean shit – 17.11.2007 Saalfeld Germany
-Stepping Aside – 26.12.2007 Helsinki Oranssi
-Like a ghost – 26.12.2007 Helsinki Oranssi

Keep checkin back for the studio report and video from the recording sessions.



The drummer speaks

photo:Jussi Ojanen

Hello everybody! I’m that “new drummer” Lauri, who came to mix the things up in this band. As some of you may know I’ve previously played in Satura Lanx and nowadays I also play in a band called Anvils Drop. On this blog I won’t waste your time listing my idols, gear or anything like that. If you’re interested of those things just come and ask me.

When I heard about this blog I definitely wanted to write something. My first “official” writing actually. I think the drumming can’t tell everything I have to say. Of course it’s a release, like this whole style of music. I’d much rather break cymbals than something else.

What bothers me the most at the moment are the non-musical matters. The shoes and shirts you wear etc. What you “should” wear to be cool and accepted this year. How your looks should reflect your taste in music and so on. “Okay now it’s cool to like this band, that other band is so fucking last year”. This scene that claims to be against the standards of the society and the norms of the mainstream music has just built up barriers and limits within itself. It was us versus them, remember? Now it’s just us against each other and this is something that really puzzles me.

I’ve totally lost my so called face while playing in Satura Lanx, cause that band was “bullshit without even listening”. So when Samuli in the first rehearsals jokingly told me to say goodbye to my “last hints of credibility” I didn’t feel like I was losing anything. I didn’t start playing drums to gain acceptance. Here’s a little story of me getting kicks out of somebody telling me that the music I play is complete shit:
photo:Jussi Ojanen

I was in a bar couple weeks ago and started to talk about music with two friend of a friend of a friends. These two nice guys liked hardcore and knew what it was all about. As the conversation went on I asked their thoughts about Lighthouse Project. There was a moment of silence until the first one started: “The first record was good but after that it’s been just total bullshit”. Then the other completed their opinion: “It’s kind of a band that tries to be hardcore, while in reality it is not”. What they didn’t know was that I play in Lighthouse Project so it was funny to see them in our TVO show later on. They had liked the gig. So what I really hope is that people would just listen to our music and make up their opinions after that instead of relying on someone else without even hearing us play.

When I joined Lighthouse Project I was asked to take the double bass drum pedal with me so we could hear if it fits. I hadn’t played doubles for a while so I tried ’em to couple songs before the first rehearsals. Not too much, just little things here and there. I thought it sounded good and I guess I wasn’t the only one thinking so. What I really like about this band is the experimentation. There’s no limits in what I can try to play to our new songs. By now I haven’t heard any complaints at all. Just some “play it little faster there”, “try the doubles here” but not a single “not like that”. Even if it sounds total cliché I say this: It feels like I’ve always played in this band. Things just clicked right from the start. This is what I want to do and these are the people do this with. I look so much forward to our upcoming shows and recordings. This band has already quite a history without me but I believe the future with me will not be a disappointing either.

Here’s what runs through my head right now. These are my personal views on this band and I hope the rest of the guys will share theirs later on. If you have something to comment, do so in our guestbook. I’ll be glad to reply there.