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Viva hate!

I’ve been quiet lately. I had to take some distance from certain things that have always defined my identity. This is not a statement. Just random thoughts about something I’m going through right now. Sentences that AM reality has spawned out of me. (more…)


Defend – Headless Prisoner

Some bands just hit the right spot on exactly right time. I’ve had an honour to see many great bands born, grow and die. Every one of those bands have been truly important and meaningful to me on those points of my life. Afterwards it even feels little twisted how much I lived through them. I kind of took my friends bands as my own outlet. I was sick, fucked and needed that until I found my own. Defend, the first hardcore band of my hometown friends was the first and the closest of those. Especially their last and unreleased demo. That tape was recorded on a time I’ve later been calling as the biggest crossroad of my life.

Those lyrics still give me the chills. And not the least because I know the choices the writer ended up with. When I wrote the line “We’re supposed to be the ones who make a change, but who has courage to disengage?” to Breather I thought about the person who wrote these lyrics and the conversations we had about how sick the life in this environment is. We have our own paths, everyone has.

If somebody didn’t know, a little later Defend became the band called On a Solid Rock. And if you know how that band came to it’s end, I hope you think about that these words were written alredy somewhere around 1999.

Couple years ago I dug up the demo from a friend. Listened to it and remembered some crushing moments from those times. I also remembered the hope and peace that demo managed to bring. Then came the idea to record a song from that tape. Things got finally rolling when I found the lyrics of this song while cleaning up my drawers. It was still untitled but I named it Headless Prisoner. I believe it’s OK to the writer. Thanks to you for making this song. You won’t ever know what it meant to me. And thank you for writing these words to the song, I guess you still know what you’ve give me.

One love, Toni.

Headless prisoner.

Through microscopes and calculations
Computer screens and dry theories.
Existence executed
to a headless prisoner
Confined to mere outlines
As this culture lacks the vision
To crumble, to bleed to suffer
to die, the only mission.

Turn my back to the frozen world
Rather alone than dead.
Skin deep identity
Low-price personality
(all the got to give)

Wisdom rewarded dead not alive.
Humanity is dinner of progression
Knowledge eating us alive
It’s sophisticated to be nothing
They prey for eternal winter
The absolute void of hope
Everything is sacrificed on the altar of materialism.

Im more than molechyles.
Im more than electricity.
Im more than nothing.

Here is our version of the song. It was recorded on the same session as the Misanthropic Humanist.

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There’s also a good read about the band in Killing The Legacy blog.