Monthly Archives: November 2008

Speak up, go down

As some of you might notice the Combat Rock Industry logo has disappeared from our website and the almighty mySpace tells that our record label is “none”. Our music has been constantly evolving and after the Gift we started to notice small hints that the way we progressed wasn’t something that pleased our label. After reading those small gestures and sayings long enough someone had to speak up and go down. There’s just no point on hanging onto something that isn’t there anymore. Our guessings appeared to be just on point and it meant that we no longer had a record label that could or wanted to back us up. Situation we couldn’t even imagine a while back. We definitely wouldn’t be here like we are without the help and trust we’ve received from Janne and Jani. We’ve thanked them before and will always be grateful of their work and help.

So this is basically what happened, now you don’t have to guess anything. Our band is quite open and this is how we want to make things clear for those who care about us. We’ve been writing lots of new music and we’ve been planning our next LP for a while now. Only time will tell who is going to release Lighthouse Project – III. We might record it late in the summer of 2009 if we are happy with the music. Maybe some demos will surface one day, maybe not. We’ll play more shows next year cause right now people are busy with their lives and other bands etc.

This is what goes on with the Lighthouse Project right now. Go see Eye For All, they have passion in what they do. The first Cold Inside record is also done and will be out before the year is finished, keep your eyes and ears open. And hey, go also see the God Given Ass a band where Niila our old drummer plays nowadays. It sure is nice to see him bang those drums to the music he loves. That is something we are going to do as well – play the music we love and can be proud of.