Monthly Archives: August 2010

Almost there

Atonement has been coming for a long time now. Actually it’s been coming up since Lauri joined the band in January 2008. We’ve been writing and rehearsing, demoing and writing and rehearsing again. It’s been way longer process than any of our earlier work. For a long time we didn’t know who would put it out, for a while we knew and then again we got back to square one. Then I wrote straight honest mail to Rabbit Ilsn Records and things started to look brighter, we agreed to put out the LP with them. We ended up using the name of the old label that Toni has, 7 Ply Records. Trying to invent a new name would just had been too much work and hey, 7 Ply has some nice history also! It was also nice to finally meet the Rabbit guys at Ilosaari and find out that they are really nice people and appeared to on the same wave length with us.

Then all of a sudden in last June Kari from Suomen Musiikki Oy asked if we had a label to put the record out. We were quite puzzled, after all Suomen Musiikki is label for such artists as Samae Koskinen, Jukka-Poika, Manna and Egotrippi. How does Lighthouse Project fit in to that, I don’t actually know but Kari does and I’m really glad for that. After some phone calls and meetings we had a deal for Atonement CD as well. We had already joked earlier that soon we’d be in Suosikki magazine and it sure didn’t take long. Write up is in the current issue, check it out!

Atonement is now just an inch away of getting sent to pressing plants and my stress is starting to fade away. A little bit at least. Couple songs are online and we’ve received nice feedback. It’s ironic that even the guys from our old label are now digging our new record, their honesty is much appreciated. Many people have helped us to get to this point by recording demos, doing art work, giving feedback, driving a car, lending a car, being flexible with the practice room reservations, lending gear, buying merch, booking shows etc. etc. This really means a world to me personally and of course to all of us as a band.


“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘thank you’, it will be enough” -Meister Eckhart