Monthly Archives: November 2012

Some recent updates

TIme for some updates, huh? It’s been silent around here and I was told to update something so you’d know we’re not dead or anything like that. We had a nice spring/summer playing shows. Had good times with Ghost Brigade, Pigeon Hunt and Left Cold. Lauri played his 100th Lighthouse Project show just recently. We’ve been also busy with other things. Juho’s other band Betrayal at Bespin just released their second album. Also be aware of the Lakes. I’ve been preparing to celebrate the tenth year of Tikari Skateboards and writing new Ills songs. Lauri has been recording music and Mikko is quite busy with school. Toni has been writing maybe more than ever. Between all this we’ve been demoing some new songs lately. Once again stepping to unfamiliar territory with our words and music.

Also note that Juska from Total Recall is right now booking us a short tour for the spring. Early April to be exact. Hook us up if you have any contacts. Looking forward to tour with these Black Flag/Sabbath worshipping youngsters.