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Siedä release dates


Siedä LP release date 7.4.2017


Siedä digi release date 17.3.2017

Siedä CS release date 24.2.2017


Lighthouse Project – Siedä

Our 5th LP will be called Siedä and it’ll come out in quite early 2017. LP will be released by KHY Suomen Musiikki Oy.


Lighthouse Project – V

We’ve been recording the fifth, yet unnamed album. The drums were tracked late January and couple weeks ago we did most of the guitar tracks. This time we’ve been working with an old friend Heikki Hyvänen.

Website site was offline for some time due to some technical mishaps. How many people still keep visiting band sites?


Writing, rehearsing, etc.

Yep, we are writing and demoing new music with our fresh drummer Valtteri. Always expect the unexpected. At the moment we don’t have any tight schedule for our next LP, but it’s our main focus right now. The next shows are booked for July. More to come in the fall.