Monthly Archives: September 2007

Recording Gift

Not much in here to see. We were kinda busy in the studio so taking photos was not our main interest. Some drum tracking pics are stuck on Mikkos fathers camera and so on. Bunch of lazy dudes, huh? The record was still finished on time though. Niila was done in two days and he also finished reading some Tex Willer. Ville came by and lent his voice on couple of tracks. Hannu did some vocals also but ain’t got any decent pics of him. Theres lots of lots of microphones on that one picture, and I guess it tells that there was some experiencing done. I got to use a homemade fuzz pedal that was made by Aakes brother if I remember correctly so the bass sound definetly became evil. We’ve been quite strict about playing in E-tuning, but on this one piece it is somewhere little below D. But what the hell I know, I’m the bass player (cause of this I won’t go into details of guitar recordings either). It’s still quite far from Electric Wizard. It was nice to have more time. On metro rides Toni listened to Shipwreck and there has to be hint of it on one track at least. We still don’t remember all the proper song titles.

This is what I remember right now – 18.9.2007.