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First post (sort of)


This page tries to tell the story of our upcoming seven inch – Misanthropic Humanist. It’s coming out next summer and it comes with our first (and I guess the only) dvd. More about that later. This isn’t us trying to be like Blacklisted and writing interesting blogs every now and then. Just some random things about what’s going on and coming up.


As you might know we have a different drummer now and the first time we ever played together was also the beginning of this 7″. We knew he was going to fit into Lighthouse Project just fine, but it still was bit of a surprise how well he handled all the songs. We played Gift straight through and a couple of old songs after that and Lauri had no problem with the songs at all. On the first weekend we wrote sketches of two of the songs that are going to be on the release. Since then those songs have gotten shorter as usual. That’s how it goes with our song writing.

Times have been more creative than ever before. Every practice weekend has produced song or two. We already threw away two songs. We said we’ll come back to them later but usually we won’t. That’s what I said to Lauri: “don’t worry about those two, it’s really uncommon for us to ever get back to them”. There definitely has been songs sounding too much like Endstand, Refused or even Some Girls in our past. One noticeable difference is that our songs now have occasional double bass drumming in them. That’s something we haven’t done before and now when it was possible we gave it a try.

While writing Gift we sometimes thought that our songs might come out as Lighthouse Project trying to sound like a stoner band. Nowadays we don’t have that problem anymore. We just write what ever we want that sounds good to us. I guess some of our listeners will not care about the new stuff anymore cause it doesn’t sound the same as Navigate By Heart. It’s not their problem or ours, we ain’t gonna do the same record twice, people and music change. Those old records will not. On the last show we played with Niila, Toni announced that this is the last time we’ll ever play these two songs (Giant in My Room and Like a Ghost). I hope that it is something that describes how we do things.


Sometimes the new material makes us laugh. “Are we really doing music like this – yes we are”. I won’t make some pretentious claim that we are doing something new or reinventing this genre or whatever. We are just making songs that feel good to us, we reinvent ourselves a little, nothing more, nothing less. It’s still punk in many ways, I don’t know if that one d-beat song we recently did is ever going to surface on some record but I have to tell that even my d-beat enthusiastic friend was nodding his head while listening to it. He even said that we should do a side project that plays just rocking d-beat. And the next one we did was quite mellow post-hardcore sounding song that will eventually change on the next rehearsal. I guess we’ve already written albums worth of new songs after Lauri joined our band. This kind of productivity is still new to us. Nowadays Antti-Ville signs his emails as War Metal Battle Master so that should give a hint of how much he’s into black metal. And one day Mikko came laughing to skate shop where Toni works. Toni asked what was so funny and the answer was our new songs that Mikko was listening.


This brings back memories of couple shows and conversations overheard. “It was just like being in a funeral” is something I heard after one show. The other rather funny story is from a friend whose friend saw us for the first time. After the show she was kind of disappointed and told to our friend that she’d seen us laughing and making jokes. I guess playing music like this should make us all serious and desperate 24/7. It would be really hard to live up to some expectations, so why bother?


The idea of this writing came to me when we drove to Turku to play a show. I thought it would be nice to reveal our going ons to those who want to know. We planned to do demo recordings of the new songs next day after the show, and I was hoping that I could make one of the songs available to download. So here it is. TVO show in Turku was first time we ever played it live. Working title for it has been the Black Metal. Lyrics go something like this, Toni can explain these if he wants:

“Now you just know my name”

Deep cuts somewhere in my guts.
Can’t locate the pain (but I know) I’m going to break.
Bleak verses on the withering ground.
How could I think they were
readable to anyone but me.

and now you think you know me
from the sentences that were part of me.
so now the lights are on
people left their seats and walked home.
titles have shown who was behind the villains role
but somehow the director still stays unknown

who are the ones who survived
and what is left of them?
Who were the heroes and foes in this show.
And hey, rhetorical question for myself:
do you know now where you belong?

I can’t direct my voice to anyone
I can’t hate, I can’t blame anyone I could name.
I just want to spend this day to maintain
and to keep “in” out of “sane”.

Everything’s gonna be alright
Shit ain’t like that! it’s real fucked up

Black and white wiping away every goddamn shade of
grey. no room for shades of gray….

The demo was recorded in Salo with Taneli from Scream For a Change. We played the song live and Toni did the vocals afterwards. We also recorded instrumental versions three other songs. One of them was that post-hardcore sounding song I mentioned earlier. It was arranged while Toni and Taneli took a nap. I’m not sure if the song had anything to do with their will to sleep.

Here’s the track list that might still change cause, well it’s us, you can never be sure until things are done.

A: It’s me, destroyer
Remember where you come from

B: Leaves of one tree, drops of one ocean
Now you just know my name

And here’s what the dvd will hopefully include. Same goes with this, there is a possibility of the final product changing a bit.

This idea of combining a 7″ and a dvd came up on our tour with Endstand. It’s kinda stupid but cool thing to do. Gift release show was filmed with couple of cameras so it looks much better than the rest of the footage. At least people shouldn’t feel ripped of when they watch this. Other songs are filmed with one (sometimes shaky) camera and sound qualities aren’t that good either, but if there was a dvd like this from for example Endstand, Down My Throat or On a Solid Rock, I would gladly pay for it. Our friend Osasto(department) is compiling this thing and Toni Pasanen is a man who did the Gift release show video and after I saw it I thought that it would just be plain stupid to keep it only in our own collections.

We will head to studio in the beginning of May. Hannu will again be responsible of recording us. Combat Rock Industry is putting this out even if our idea of the whole thing is a little far fetched. 7″ + DVD = commercial suicide?